The Difference Between MMF, FFM, MFM, FMF in Swinging

mmf, ffm, mfm,fmf

Swingers can be some of the most exciting sexual experiences one can have, either as an individual or couple. Females can enjoy that intimate moment, receiving attention from two men, or a single woman and man, making it a fetish worth exploring. On the other hand, men can show their bedroom skills to two wonderful females or enjoy another male's company as you enjoy your bedroom night. Have you ever wondered what it takes to get yourself into a swinger mmf or swinger ffm? The hindrance for most people is that they shy away from exploring their sexual desires.


If you are the aggressive or confident lot, I'm sure that you clearly understand what I mean by a threesome. Still, most people don't understand the insider vocabulary used to describe this swinging lifestyle. Whether it will help you understand those Craigslist ads or help you understand your threesome fantasy, knowing the right language to express your fetish is vital. An exciting hookup experience is all about excellent communication skills; you should understand this standard language.


The four most popular acronyms include MMF, FFM, MFM, and FMF. Unlike other fetish acronyms, which describe partner type, and particular body type, these letter acronyms describe the gender preferences for these threesome types. Since MMF, FFM, MFM, and FMF all describe a similar thing, what's the difference among them? Read on this article to find out more.



The letter 'M' stands for male and 'F' for female. So, an MMF lifestyle describes a threesome that comprises two males and one female. The order of letters represents who can have sex with who. In this case, the male and male can perform bisexual on each other- involves getting down, oral, etc. At the same time, they can have sex with a single female. This swinging mmf type is popular in gay men who want to invite an extra female to spice up their bedroom action.



Swinger MFM is often referred to as the Devil's threesome. Similar to the MMF lifestyle, MFM also involves two male partners and a female- all in action. According to the order of letters, the 'Ms' are separated, what does this mean? In this swinging type, there is no contact between the two males in the kinky action. The MFM suits men who are not into the 'gay stuff' (straight men) - only two men comfortable sharing a female. It is also familiar with swinger couples who are willing to get down with a unicorn. The hot action might involve double penetration, blowjobs, and all that kinky stuff you might imagine.



FFM is another common form of a swinger in the swinging lifestyle. The acronym speaks for itself- two females and a male getting into the steamy action. Since both 'F' letters are connected, both females are open to and practice bisexual acts during their experience. The two females share one man. Both bisexual females are ready to get down into some exciting playtime and are an excellent way to spice up the sensual action. In this swinging, no boundaries set as anyone can get intimate with everyone.


The swinger FMF is often referred to as the 'good-kind swinging' Similar to FFM swingers, this kinky experience involves two females and a male. Contrary to FFM, the order of letter acronyms reveals a separation for both females. In this swinging lifestyle the females are not bisexual; hence cannot get down one another. Rules for contact by both females should be set, but unpredictable situations happen during the encounters. The male will enjoy some hot action from both females. Most of the males I know fantasize about this swinging fantasy.


To sum up, if you cannot differentiate between these acronyms, look out for the middle letter. It represents the central party during the action. Anyone who is not bi-sexual or bi-curious, you should avoid MFF and MMF threesomes. Now, you can easily describe your threesome fantasy or find one that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

More and more men are seeking out swinger partner and swinger sites to satisfy their bi-sexuality or swinger lifestyle. You cannot miss out on a promiscuous individual willing to get into some steamy action. More often than not, threesomes lead to unexpected situations. So, be prepared!


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