The Important Signs Your Neighbor Might Be Into The Swinging Lifestyle

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Nobody knows what happens behind closed curtains, but what are the secret clues they may be sending to signal they are swingers? If you have a swinging neighbor, it is pretty unlikely that they will open up to you at first sight. However, there are some suppositions and theories on various swinger lifestyles that indicate that your neighborhook might be into a swinging lifestyle.


Although we cannot guarantee you the truth in these theories, they are something you should look out for. So, what are these secret clues that your neighbor is a swinger?


Home Decors

Despite looking innocent and sweet, pink flamingos and garden gnomes decors on the home garden are a supposition of swinging residents. Another uncommon clue is the pineapple door knockers. Despite being a weird swinger sign, it is a supported claim by many. Other home decors such as landscaping rocks, purple or pink decorations are a sign of people interested in swinger action. We admit that some of these signs are pretty uncommon.

Nevertheless, if you spot several signs on the same garden, it is a significant sign your neighbor is into swinging. Some sites like Reddit back this theory, but there is yet to be an evidence-based link between these decors and swinger lifestyles.


Pampas Grass

Telegraph states that Pampas grass is linked to swinging. According to last year's Daily Telegraph report, plant sellers claim their sales have dropped to the extent of some nurseries entirely unstocking for its connotation with swinging. Nick Coslett (Palmstead Nurseries' marketing manager), claims that he has no concrete evidence about the relation between pampas grass and swinging.

Nevertheless, he notes that this plant was conventionally grown on front garden neighborhoods. That is the only connection, but as the word goes, rumors don't lack some truth-maybe there is the connection.


Distinctive Signs (Wristbands)

Swinger Code, a swinger website, reveals that couples willing to swap partners will don a distinguishable wristband with a unique 'sign.' This particular sign was created by the swinger community to help them hook up with prospective partners and recognize each other. The swinger Code is not an obstructive symbol. In fact, people should respect the person donning it. This symbol features intersecting circles, consisting of international female and male signs, which are horizontally arranged.

There are three plus and minus signs on either side, which slightly differ according to the swinger’s interest. Further insights claim that the ‘plus’ signs on either side show one is searching for partners as a couple, whereas the ‘minus’ represents swinger singles out there looking out for interested parties.


Particular Jewelry

Donning a black ring is an indication that you are a swinger. Cooper Beckett, Host to the 'Swingset podcast,' most swingers don that black ring on the hand. Cooper Beckett says that wearing this piece of jewelry on the right hand is perfect for individuals looking to other like-minded partners.

Other signs that your neighbor might be into swinging include women wearing thumb rings, toe rings, anklets, or a wedding ring on the right hand. If you see your neighbor rocking that black ring, perhaps you can use it to kick start a conversation. Try something like 'I see you rocking that thumb ring, perhaps we share the same interests.'


Hot Tubs

Hot-water garden tubs are often associated with the swinger lifestyle. This is an unpopular opinion, but it might be something to look out for. Many people who dismiss these facts say that hot tubs showcase flash lifestyles donned by footballers, celebrities, and more. Hot Tubs director Ross Phillipson says that merely anyone with the money can buy these hot tubs. One reddit thread highlights that another compelling sign of a swinger neighbor is closed garage doors.


To sum up, those are the most significant signs that your neighbor might be into switching partners. We hope this article makes it easy for you to spot those prospective partners. It is important to note that all the clues we highlighted are not guarantees, only hints! If you notice one or more of these signs, you should be on the lookout for new companions or playmates in this swinging fetish. Get exploratory on your neighbours into swinger mmf or ffm. You may get a catch. Who knows where luck lays.


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